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Museums (em)Power Call for Papers and Call for Still Images Now Open

The Museum Studies PhD Community at the University of Leicester is happy to announce that the Call for Papers and Call for Still Images are now open for submission! Museums (em)Power, a multidisciplinary conference on art and cultural institutions, seeks to explore the power relations in the contemporary museum context. The term ‘museums’ in the title encompasses not only museums but all forms of cultural institutions where people, objects and other entities interact.
By putting ‘em’ in parenthesis, the term ‘(em)Power’ has two implications. Cultural institutions can own, share, give or withhold authority through the distribution of values and meanings. Whether empowering or not, cultural institutions are unquestionably political spaces where power negotiations between different bodies take place.
This conference therefore aims to encourage conversations between academics, artists and professionals from different sectors about how cultural institutions react to the dynamics of power ha…

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